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Why AngularJS Is The Most Preferred Framework?

Have you ever wondered that why JavaScript is quite popular and admired by the most of the people? And, what has made the Angular JS the most flexible programming language?

It is basically due to the amazing JavaScript frameworks available out there, that have made the web development via JavaScript fairly convenient. However, nowadays, the majority of frameworks simply package numerous preexisting tools within a bundle. But, the AngularJS is an amazing framework that truly stands out in the sea of frameworks. It is often considered as the next generation framework that comprises a resourceful tool set. All the integrated tools are specifically designed to ensure their smooth and consistent performance, when they are implemented in an allied fashion.

The rapidly accentuating popularity of the AngularJS as depicted via the Google Analytics, directly represents the success of the framework. Here, I have listed a few compelling reasons that add to its credibility and make it a must for web developers.

1. Delivers interpretive UI
The AngularJS simply extends the definition of HTML, by allowing one to efficiently declare dynamic UI for web apps. With this framework, you can enhance the UI design in a desired fashion by simply     defining your needs. The frameworks will ensure that all the integrated things are working smoothly. Thus, you can rapidly create an impressive and intuitive UI, which will ultimately contribute to a good UX.

2. Filters offer great flexibility
The filters included in the AngularJS are meant to scrutinize the data appropriately before it reaches the view. Whether you want to format data in a particular format or want to tweak for a specific cause, filters can help you accomplish it with ease. They are so impeccable that you can even create an effective HTML table with sorting capability within JavaScript and rather using only filters. Thus, it can be said these standalone functions are designed to ensure flawless data transformation in a requisite way.

3. Facilitates parallel Development
It has been observed that when multiple developers are working on the same project, they often create bottlenecks in each other’s performance. Fortunately, the AngularJS has resolved the issue with an absolute solution, that is, by augmenting parallel development within a project. Albeit, dependencies still exist, this framework makes them substantially easily manageable. For instance, say there are several prime operations that a huge team of developers is needed to drive. Now, doing that with conventional JavaScript would be a clunky task. However, the AngularJS makes the things pretty simpler by streamlining the actions into specific sub-controllers and services, which can be separately accessed by developers. Thus, by enabling appropriate process, it delivers a highly scalable development approach and that is by the virtue of offered parallel development.

4. Less coding will be required
There are several resourceful functions of Angular JS for which it supports “code less and get more”. These blissful features include,
MVC pipeline will be entirely managed by this JavaScript framework.
The desired views are created by implementing HTML.
Minimal code is required to support the requisite data models.
Directives can be managed separately, without touching the application code.
You can conveniently manipulate the requisite data without impacting controller by using the filters.
With these key points being mentioned, it can be abstracted that you can develop a full fledge web application featuring desired functionalities without writing lengthy codes.

5. Single Page Application development support
The utile benefits of single page application are greatly admired across the globe and so they are gaining great momentum. While offering additional functionalities over the web, this approach amazingly contributes to the responsive design. It basically helps generate the native look and feel in web apps. Single page apps can even help break down the server load by directly transforming the data to markup at the client’s side. This will certainly decrease the traffic load and makes your web app load blazingly faster and with utmost ease. The AngularJS allows one to build effective single page apps by offering all the imperative supportive features including routing, journaling, templates and so forth.

The AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that offers a great usability and augments the web development with its resourceful features. The above mentioned are a few of the compelling reasons, which describe why a web developer must learn this framework and how it can help it deliver a remarkable performance.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is qualified web development professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She works for Xicom Technologies, a CakePHP web development company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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