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Best Tools for SEO Management

It is true that search engine optimization includes understanding of the search engine algorithms. As an SEO expert you need to know what works for a website to rank well in the search engine algorithms. Even though SEO is a strategic process, you still need tools to manage it. Here is a list of few useful SEO management tools that every SEO executive needs.

Google Analytics

Goggle analytics is the most common analytic tool that is used to track visitor traffic on a website. It is a free tool and creates numerous reports as required by you. There are many other things you can measure through Google analytics related to visitor behavior. This lets you analyze the data better and create better campaigns in future. It also has an intuitive interface and is easy to learn.

Google offers a lot of help to learn and understand its analytic tool which is very helpful for SEO management. Besides Google analytics, Webtrends and Omniture are other popular paid analytics tools that have many more features and greater flexibility.

Google Keyword Research Tool

Google also offers another great free tool for keyword research. You just need to add one or more words or phrases or web address and it gives you the information like global and local searches made on the keyword.

It also gives you a list of related keywords and also additional information like competition. These are the basic features of Google’s keyword analysis tool. You can also filter your search based on region, device used etc. This tool is good enough for basic SEO but does not have more advance features available in paid tools.

Market Samurai

You can get your hands over this in-depth keyword analysis and SEO management tool for a one-time cost of $150. It has many more features especially insightful data about the competition. This data can be used by the SEO executive to plan his strategy and work on the selected keywords. This tool is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac operating systems. It is a very strong tool and is highly recommended for SEO project management.


SEMRush is a tool that is used both for search engine marketing as well as search engine optimization. It can cost between $70 to $150 a month, but gives you all the relevant information that you need. You can track SEM performance of your chosen keywords using this tool. It lets you know how you are performing and where you need to focus on. It keeps an eye on the competition and informs you what they are doing better than you.

SEO Toolbar by SEOBook

This is a free SEO management toolbar that sits on your Mozilla Firefox browser and lets you manage your SEO project conveniently. It helps you with data about yourself and your competitors so that you can beat them and improve where you need to.

There are many other tools like Raven’s tools and Veretekk Platinum Control Panel etc that are also used by many. With the right tools in hand, you can do much more than you ever imagined. SEO management tools help you stay organized and get access to the right data. The right information lays the foundation of right actions, sound strategies and SEO success.


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