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Delivering Intuitive, user-centric apps via Android way

With Google’s Android overpowering Apple’s iOS, it won’t be wrong to state that the popularity and demand for Android apps won’t cease to exist. Surplus Android apps are being created and sold on a daily basis, thereby encouraging app developers to hone their income by an amazing level. If you too have a creative bend of mind and want to indulge in some really interesting Android app development projects then this is a blog you’d regret missing. Here, I’ve covered some vital pieces of information that clear up your route towards achieving excellence in delivering world-class Android applications.

Allow users to understand different functions via different UI(User Interface) elements

It’s obvious that your Android app would include multiple functionalities. If you don’t want the app users to get confused between multiple functions, it is recommended to portray the same with the help of visually different UI(User Interface) elements. Here, an important thing that needs to be kept in mind is avoiding the use of modes i.e. situations where a single UI element can be used for undertaking varied activities/tasks.

Undocumented APIs are a major ‘NO NO’ during Android App Development

While developing apps for the Android mobile platform, you might be interested in checking out the codes and tweaking them in your own unique way. For example, if you are interesting in mimicking the image cropping functionalities, you’d want to dig deep into the internal Android APIs associated with the same. If all the APIs are being documented well, it actually becomes convenient for you to know about the object you need to work on. Plus, you can also fetch all the details necessary for calling different methods.

Considering app layout for device orientation and varying screen sizes is a must

It is interesting to note that a majority of Android devices come with orientation sensors which automatically adjust the apps for better viewing. Still, as an Android app creator, you need to test whether or not the app displays differently for portrait and landscape modes. For this, you need to set up the app layout folders with separate qualifiers for landscape and portrait modes, thereby ensuring flawless app display even in the auto orientation mode.

Tiny embellishments add to the user experience that you’re planning to render your Android app users

Just like pictures speak louder than words, in the same way tiny pieces of embellishments work wonders for delighting the users of an Android application. By including specific sound effects, textures, animations etc., you can easily hone user engagement for your application.

Sprinkle a pinch of encouragement via a color change in the interface

Users appreciate applications which react to their actions. Thus, while building an Android app don’t forget to provide a feedback on the actions undertaken by users. You can do this by either introducing a change in the color of the chosen interface(button etc) or by popping out a subtle sound once the user taps on a ‘Call to Action’ link or button.

An app filled with advertisements is completely un-acceptable

Although advertisements are the best tools for monetizing a mobile app, pay attention to the limited use of ads on your Android application. You might be unfamiliar with the fact that hundreds and thousands of mobile apps have actually failed due to invasive placement of advertisements. The urge to make quick money has motivated developers to compromise with the app’s user experience. Therefore, I advise you to incorporate only a specific count of advertisements in your Android app, thereby keeping its usability in-tact.

Plan for multi-lingual support of your Android app via Localization

Since Android devices are being used in different countries and states, it is essential for you to design the apps for the locales. To put it simply, you need to localize all the user interface elements that have been included within the application. By making your app available in a suite of local languages, you can easily grow the count of people who’ll prefer downloading and using your app on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Coding Android apps is real fun, provided you know the tips and tricks of doing it in the right way. I’m sure after reading this post, you’d have got to know some interesting pointers about creating Android apps for a remarkable user experience.

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Victoria Brinsley is a veteran Android mobile application developer for Appsted Ltd – a leading apps developing company. In order to avail his any assistance related to tips and tricks or to avail tutorials, get in touch with her.

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