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How Much Does Smartphone App Development Cost?

Carrying out a brief research on the most surfed key phrases, I stumbled onto “How much does smartphone app development cost?” to be amongst the topmost searched queries. However, I couldn’t come across persuasive results for this query; therefore I chose to write down one on my own.

How much would it cost to develop a smartphone app? 

Anybody, irrespective of training or perhaps understanding of mobile apps, is able to get a perception of how much it will cost to develop an app. I am going to make use of the construction of a house as metaphor in order to be more acquainted with particular stipulations.

All the prerequisites to develop a Smartphone App: 

To figure out how much it truly costs to build an application, we are going to give information regarding the workforce that is required and essential for the development of any kind of project, at all times working in parallel.

Back-End Specialist: This engineer designs the foundation of our home. Evidently, in case we wish our home to endure all the sturdiness and strain during testing and be equipped for future expansion, it should have a solid base.

Graphic Designer/ User Interface Engineer: The designer is the architect of our smartphone app. He is going to determine the look and feel, and functionality of the application and will be accountable for the house to be exceptional, high-class and simultaneously well-designed, fulfilling our requirements.

Programmer: The mason, the constructor of the house who lays the bricks. Just like the buildings, it is certainly not the equivalent to constructing a home and a skyscraper, or perhaps a metal building and the one constructed of timber. Likewise, you will find experts in programming for each and every platform, coders who concentrate on iPhone and Android programming for instance. Go for the contractor with expertise in accordance with the kind of establishment you would like to put up.

You should comprehend the various kinds of smartphone apps and the included costs:

App for Promotion: These mobile apps are designed for a particular purpose of marketing, running for a couple of days or at the most a few weeks. To build these sorts of apps, it does not appear to be reasonable to provide a strong base in construction or complex framework as in a handful of days’ time; it is going to no longer be utilized. The primary aim of these types of apps rests in an appealing and elaborate design that is nice-looking for the users.

Estimated cost: $1000 – $3000 per platform

Start-up Mobile App: In the instance of developing a native app or an integration of social media networks, you will discover that there is a need for the application to work in the marketplace for quite a long time. This application is going to be much like a house in which you need to have a great base, engineered such that it can easily be extended later on and its interior furnishing ought to be cozy and useful. The cost is going to vary between $4,000 and $10,000 per platform in accordance with the scale of the app.

Smartphone App for Management/ Social Networking: This kind of app shall be compared to skyscraper sort of establishments. The base needs to be as sturdy as ever and has to be analyzed inch by inch since possibly the minutest mistake can result in the failure. The estimation of the framework of a house must be evaluated in depth. One simply cannot cut corners on assets to ascertain the longevity of the building. The higher the establishment, the more it has a tendency to demonstrate the premium quality of the brand. The expense of applying these functions will typically range from $11,000 to $75,000 per platform based on the scale of the project.

Author Bio: Steve Grunblatt works as a Marketing Executive at Cogneesol, bringing more than 10 years of expertise in online marketing, SEO as well as content strategy. He is responsible for formulating and carrying out online and offline campaigns that assist in establishing Cogneesol as a thought pioneer in the outsourcing industry. Steve’s know-how encompasses all the aspects related to smartphone app development.

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