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The Just-Launched Theme Store: Changing the Process of Form Design

The Form Designer by JotForm is the core product in form design. It allows all users, even without technical knowledge, to use point-and-click technology to design a website form: contact forms, e-commerce forms, etc. Choosing colors, fonts, and sizes are a breeze, and the interface is intuitive so users can upload custom backgrounds and more with ease. However, some user’s do not want to have to design a form.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 15.29.52

In this fast-paced world of rapidly emerging technologies, constant flux, change, and the norm of working on your smartphone while speed walking to catch the train, sometimes you just need someone else to do the work for you. In the realm of web form design, the Theme Store is your answer. Browse through hundreds of web form themes that come fully loaded and are ready to be edited to suit your custom needs. They can easily be placed on your website, compatible and fully functional at the jumpoff.

  Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 15.30.00

You can quickly browse, search, and select from hundreds of form themes matching any website design out there. JotForm forms are completely compatible and integrated with a plethora of applications, from payment options like PayPal and Stripe, to organization tools like DropBox and Google Drive. You name it, there’s a JotForm synced application for it. And in the case that there isn’t, the JotForm team is working to put it on the table. They are very responsive to their users’ suggestions and always encourage feedback. At the end of the day, JotForm is there to make their users’ lives easier: Creating useful and fully customizable forms for your website.

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  1. Aytekin Tank says:

    Thank you for featuring JotForm Theme Store on this blog! :)

    We are very excited about the amazing usage numbers on the Theme Store. Many of themes submitted were used hundreds of times, and most of the paid themes made their first sales in the first week! We invite all designers to the JotForm Theme Store. It is a great opportunity to earn money for your design work!

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